Welcome to the internal marketing blog

The marketing department blog provides a venue to accelerate learning and increase the capacity of our sky’s-the-limit marketing team. It is a platform for sharing valuable training information and practical instruction for developing our understanding of Logos marketing and professional skills. It is an open forum to pool our collective learning and speed innovation.

Going forward we’ll be using the marketing blog for information that doesn’t make sense to post on the wiki. Think of the wiki as a place where documentation lives (i.e., reference material, processes, projects, etc.); the blog is where we share case studies, tips/tricks, additional details/explanations, etc. We’ll also be posting material that is useful for professional development in areas like project management, marketing, and evaluating data.

We want to encourage everyone on the team to contribute posts. Heather wrote a how-to wiki with tips for writing content that helps other learn. Check it out.

~ Nathan Elson, Heather & Krista


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