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MyFaithApps Bis Opp

From: Dan Pritchett
To: Marketing Dept

Something to think about… no need to respond.

When you got this email from Bill, did you:

A) Delete it—because he sent it to way too many people and it is not your job to deal with this.

B) Check out the site—because it sounded interesting/you were curious.

C) Sign up for the site’s email list, because you never know what other new things an email from someone in the Christian Apps category might introduce you to for partnerships, market awareness, advertising leads, email promo trades, marketing ideas, new product launches, competitive research, actionable industry news, blog ideas, product ideas, marketing insight, continuing education…

D) Look up the site, sign up for the email list, watch the video, notice it uses a song that sounds very familiar, found Terrence, his phone number, his job, his company, and where he lives (definitively him, not just a guess).

If you did D you are thinking like me, wow that’s cool/crazy I like to hear about that!  🙂  (I realize It is probably overkill for most people, but I have a compulsion to research which is stronger than most I admit.)

If you did B, C, then A congratulations! Great job! You’re thinking like a marketer! I love it! (Feel free to brag to me and let me know)   🙂

If you just did A, read over the benefits of C and consider the usefulness and reasoning behind B and C, and see how that could apply to your position even if it is not directly your job.

If you are stumped as to how signing up for this list could be useful in your particular job function, give me a shot to see if I can figure out an application for you. I’ll bet I can find one.

Takeaway message:  Junk mail, SPAM, email broadcasts, email lists… are a gold mine of ideas, leads, contacts and cash if you think of them as serving you for your purposes and stop thinking of them as an annoyance or interruption to your day. I am signed up for more lists than you would believe, and can get literally hundreds of emails per day. Over the years I have found these lists an invaluable source of business/ideas/contacts/sales opportunities… so getting Bill’s email which has nothing to do with my particular job, could introduce me to a whole new world, because Bill’s misdirected email was a lead to me that put me on to potentially hundreds of other leads, and they in turn… you get the idea…  It is all a matter of perspective, and what you do with it.

Extra credit:  If, before hearing about this email you actually looked up Terrence Johnson in Businessdesk, looked up myfaithapps in Businessdesk, searched his domain records, you deserve a gold star!

Extra Extra Credit: If you can definitively discover on your own what town and state Terrence lives in—in under five minutes with no help—you get ice cream. No guesses, you have to prove that it is actually the same guy with documentation to back it up.

 Dan Pritchett, Executive Vice President

Logos Bible Software
1313 Commercial St., Bellingham WA 98225-4307
Voice (360) 685-2335 FAX (360) 527-1707
Twitter: @DanPritchett


From: Bill Schwartz

To: Marketing Dept

From Sales Inbox.  Didn’t know where to send this.  Thanks.

Bill Schwartz

Logos Bible Software – Direct Sales Representative


From: Terrence Johnson
To: Logos Customer Service


My name is Terrence, founder of the MyFaithApps app store. The reason for me contacting you today is that I came across your app doing research on faith based apps and developers. I would like to send you more information about the MyFaithApps app store as I would like to get your apps in our store. If you have any questions please contact me via email/

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


CEO/Founder MyFaithApps