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No meeting Tuesdays plus…

From: Krista Veteto
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 11:33 AM
To: Marketing Dept
Subject: No meeting Tuesdays plus…

Hi Marketing Department,

We spend a lot of time in meetings. Sometimes in meetings I think about how many hours the company is investing in a discussion. For example: this morning I was in a meeting with 13 people for 30 minutes. That one meeting represents 6.5 hours of company time!

For 2014 we want to optimize  meetings. Here are the first 3 steps we’re taking in that direction:

  1. We’re going to continue no meeting Tuesdays
  2. We’re going to start have 1 week per quarter with no meetings. This no meeting week will be the last full week of the quarter whenever possible.
  • Q1: no meeting week will be 3/24-3/28.
  • Q2: no meeting week will be 6/23-6/27.
  • Q3: no meeting week will be 9/22-9/26.
  • Q4: no meeting week will be 12/15-12/21
  • 3.       Meeting requests need to include an agenda.

If you’re invited to a meeting without an agenda or during our “no meeting” times you are allowed (and even encouraged) to decline the request. We want to build a culture of investing our time in the most effective way possible.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have meetings.

Sometimes meetings are the most effective way to get a group of people on the same page. Some things that are worth a bigger investment in 2014:

  • Getting all project stakeholders in the room at the same time to hash through a decision or get approval on art.
  • Having a project rollout with everyone involved in the project including the project stakeholders (so any objections/concerns can be addressed before we start executing).
  • Getting everyone in the same room when there is confusion or disagreement over the next step on a project.

Next Step

I’ll be following up with an email (and/or an in person training) with an example of a great meeting invite agenda and pointers on opening, managing/controlling, closing and following up on meetings.

Have any questions, concerns or comments? Connect with your manager (Phil, Nick, Josh or myself).

Krista Veteto

Marketing Operations Manager