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Meetings: agenda example, pointers on leading, and more

Hi Marketing,

In an effort to maximize the time we spend in meetings this year. I wanted to follow up in regards to an email Krista sent at the beginning of the year regarding maximizing your time in meetings.  Here are a few pointers on how you can make the most of your meetings.

Also Phil recommended a great book to read and I highly recommend it.  Shay (Phil’s assistant) has a couple copies that are available to check out.

How to lead an awesome meeting:

  1. Come prepared
  2. Provide all information upfront before the meeting occurs. (Everyone should know why they were invited to the meeting.)
  3. Know which decision makers need to be in the meeting and when

A great meeting invite agenda includes:

  1. A brief summary of the purpose of the meeting
  2. An agenda for the meeting
  3. Any documentation/information that needs to be communicated or discussed in the meeting
  4. Your action items/plan
  5. Your goals for the meeting
  6. Decisions that will need to be made in this meeting

Pointers on managing meetings:

    1. Opening – Open your meeting with a brief summary of the purpose of this meeting, your agenda, and goals.
    2. Facilitating
      1. Come prepared to lead
      2. When facilitating a meeting it is your responsibility to make sure that the meeting stays on track
      3. Follow the agenda you set for your meeting.
      4. Does everyone need to be there for the entire meeting? If not, make sure to communicate the time duration with each individual on when they will be needed for that meeting.
    3. Closing –Close your meeting with a brief recap of the meeting, action items to take away from the meeting, who is responsible for what action steps to move the project/idea forward, decisions that were made.
    4. Following up –Send a follow up email to everyone who was included in the meeting invite (even if they didn’t come) with a recap, action items, and timeline for completion.

How to be a great participate in a meeting:

      1. Come prepared
        1. Know what the purpose of the meeting is about
        2. Read through the agenda and materials required for the meeting ahead of time
        3. Come to participate
          1. Bring your thoughts and ideas to the meeting.
          2. If you do not think you have anything to contribute to the meeting, determine if it is really necessary for you to participate in the meeting.

I hope that these pointers can help you as you plan meetings this year and throughout your career.

Have any questions, concerns or comments? Connect with your manager (Phil, Nick, Glenn, Franklin, Josh or Krista).

Thanks! I love that I get to work with such an awesome team!


Kirsten Radke | Marketing Operations Specialist