Writing Tip: Common Branded Terms

We deal with so many lines of business, brands, and projects on a daily basis—and each has its own set of terms that we use to brand its features.

To keep our communications consistent, we’ve created a list of branded terms. Terms should always be written as they appear on this list (including capitalization, italics, and punctuation).

We use these standards for a few reasons:

  1. Branding a term lets the customer know that it’s important and associated with a product.
  2. Consistency and repetition strengthen the brand in our customers’ minds.
  3. Maintaining consistency also makes us look smart and credible.

Here are some branded terms that are commonly missed:

  • Pre-Publication or Pre-Pub
  • Community Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Faithlife Groups
  • Free Book of the Month
  • Reftagger
  • Verse of the Day

On the flip side, some terms are not branded, though we often try to capitalize them as though they are. They make sense as general terms, and we don’t want to overbrand our copy—having too many capitalized words can look sloppy, and many terms aren’t unique to our business.

Here are some commonly confused nonbranded terms:

  • top product
  • monthly sale
  • prayer list
  • reading plan
  • wish list

Check out the Branded Terms Lexicon on the Wiki for a comprehensive list of branded terms (bookmark this!): http://wiki/Branded_Terms_Lexicon

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