No-Meeting Tuesdays

From: Phil Gons
To: Marketing Dept

We’re going to try as a department to keep Tuesdays free of scheduled meetings. Meetings can be great, but large blocks of time are essential for productivity. More and more of us are in meetings a large portion of the week. When those meetings are peppered throughout the week, we’re often not able to get much done before the next meeting begins.

Please do your best to clear your calendars on Tuesdays of any regularly recurring meetings. Try not to schedule meetings with others on Tuesdays, and hopefully they’ll return the favor. Collaboration and informal conversations are certainly fine. Let’s just try to keep our calendars as clear as possible on Tuesdays.



Are you “dogfooding”?

DogfoodingDogfooding” (or “eating your own dogfood”) refers to a company’s use of its own products in order to discover usability problems, poor customer experiences, inelegance, etc.

Are you dogfooding? If not, you should be.

I’d argue that a marketing department should do more than just use its company’s products; it should also follow the company’s customer-facing communication, participate in its programs, etc.

Here are some ways you can (and should) be dogfooding:

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