Congratulations to Jani and Kent!

In a previous email about Ryan Rotz’s transition, I wrote this:

Kent is moving toward more content acquisition and product configuration. He’ll be working more closely with Publisher Relations, our publishing partners, and potential authors to help us get more awesome content. Jani is transitioning into the role of team lead of the Product Creation Team. We’ll soon have three distinct teams in the Product Group: Product Acquisition, Product Creation, and Product Promotion.

I’m pleased to announce that Jani Snell is now the official team lead of the new Product Creation Team. She’s done a fabulous job in her responsibilities as the assistant team lead of the Product Team, and it’s clear that she’s ready for more responsibility.

As the Product Group grows and expands, we’re splitting the former Product Team into three teams:

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Targeted Marketing Team

The Email Marketing Team has undergone some significant growth. As of today, we’ve changed. Now we’re the Targeted Marketing Team.

If you have questions or projects that deal with finding out information about our customers, narrowing them down into groups, or planning and sending messages via any channel that employs targeting mechanisms, we’ve got you covered. This includes:

  • Email
  • The rules engine
  • Footer ads
  • App messages
  • Lead gen
  • Survey questions
  • Direct mail

If you have any requests, send me an email and we’ll add it to our project queue ASAP. If you want to meet or discuss, let me know in your request and I’ll set up a meeting between you and the appropriate team members.

We’re looking forward to continuing to serve you as a department and expanding our targeted marketing efforts.

More about who can help with what on the TMT:

Paul Kirby

  • Pre-Pub and Community Pricing emails
  • Rules
  • Subject lines
  • Automated emails
  • Email copy about books and collections
  • Lyris

Amanda Olson

  • In-app messaging
  • Sequential campaigns
  • Spanish targeted messaging
  • Subject lines
  • User survey

Conor Larkin

  • Call lists
  • Lead generation for products or campaigns
  • User survey
  • Monthly NewsWire
  • Rules

Laura Converse

  • Any of the above
  • Email campaign planning
  • Targeted messaging strategy
  • Email list nurturing & growth
  • Email A/B testing
  • Direct mail
  • Footer ads
  • Data and analytics from targeted messaging


What in the world is MarCom?

From: Jayson Bradley
To: Marketing Dept

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to clarify what MarCom is, and what you can expect from us.

We’re watching our marketing channels so you don’t have to

MarCom’s primary objective is to maximize the channels we use to communicate with our customers. We do this by creating quality content, and developing strategies for extending our reach. These channels include:

  • Blog(s): We are currently working on a plan to bring many (not all) of the channel blogs under our area of responsibility.
    • Logos Talk
    • Vyrso Voice
    • Faithlife Women
    • More to come
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • The forums

Shouldn’t email be one of those channels?

While email is an increasingly important communication channel, its scope is much too large for MarCom. So it falls under the responsibility of the amazing Laura Converse and her team.

That said, MarCom is doing a lot to make sure the emails we send are error free.

Think of it this way: When it comes to spreading Logos’ message, my team is doing more carpet bombing. Our channels aren’t able to pinpoint who we’re communicating with. Laura’s team, on the other hand, are snipers. They know, with great accuracy, who they’re aiming at.

We’re helping you craft the best message possible

 While we don’t have the numbers we need to write all the copy, we want to help you craft your message. And then, when it’s finished, we want to help ensure that it’s elegant.

If you’re working on a promotion and you need some help finding your message’s voice and gist, come talk with us.

For some larger scale promotions and products, we’ll probably be writing the lion’s share of the communication.

Like MarTech, MarCom is a ragtag group of specialists who exist to make your promotions pop. Have any questions? Come on up to the Annex and visit us!