6 Tips for Mentors

  1.  Explicitly say “I’m your mentor, I’m here to help” on the first day.
    You don’t have to use those words, but you get the picture. Leave no doubt about what your intern should do if they’re stuck.
  2. Hold weekly one on ones.
    A 12 week internship will fly by. These 1:1s are our best checkpoints for getting feedback, giving mentorship, and making sure interns are getting what they want out of the summer.
  3. Have small, well-defined projects ready on day one.
    These projects will be defined by the team leads, but check with them to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  4. Set aside time in the first two days to explain your team’s higher purpose.
    Your team has a big goal for the summer. Bring interns into the fold. They should see the bird’s-eye view of your group’s projects and priorities.
  5. Explain our processes.
    Make sure they understand the SEE process and how to get things done in our department.
  6. Require sharing.
    Schedule team-wide demos for your interns. Encourage blogging.

The tips mentioned above are taken from: http://bjk5.com/