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Hi Marketing Department,

We spend a lot of time in meetings. Sometimes in meetings I think about how many hours the company is investing in a discussion. For example: this morning I was in a meeting with 13 people for 30 minutes. That one meeting represents 6.5 hours of company time!

For 2014 we want to optimize  meetings. Here are the first 3 steps we’re taking in that direction:

1.       We’re going to continue no meeting Tuesdays

2.       We’re going to start have 1 week per quarter with no meetings. This no meeting week will be the last full week of the quarter whenever possible.

o   Q1: no meeting week will be 3/24-3/28.

o   Q2: no meeting week will be 6/23-6/27.

o   Q3: no meeting week will be 9/22-9/26.

o   Q4: no meeting week will be 12/15-12/21.

3.       Meeting requests need to include an agenda.

If you’re invited to a meeting without an agenda or during our “no meeting” times you are allowed (and even encouraged) to decline the request. We want to build a culture of investing our time in the most effective way possible.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have meetings.

Sometimes meetings are the most effective way to get a group of people on the same page. Some things that are worth a bigger investment in 2014:

  • Getting all project stakeholders in the room at the same time to hash through a decision or get approval on art.
  • Having a project rollout with everyone involved in the project including the project stakeholders (so any objections/concerns can be addressed before we start executing).
  • Getting everyone in the same room when there is confusion or disagreement over the next step on a project.

Next Step

I’ll be following up with an email (and/or an in person training) with an example of a great meeting invite agenda and pointers on opening, managing/controlling, closing and following up on meetings.

Have any questions, concerns or comments? Connect with your manager (Phil, Nick, Josh or myself).

Krista Veteto

Marketing Operations Manager



New process for design assets

Hi Marketing Department,

Development has recently rolled out a new tool in which we can share large assets and files in an easy to use manner. This tool is called amber.  Amber is designed to share large files and assets between teams and departments.

How does this affect you?

  1. Design will be uploading all design assets to amber and will be sending you a link for review.
  2. You will not be receiving design assets via email, asana, or fogbugz.
  3. You will no longer need to attach design assets to fogbugz cases. You will just need to include a link to the file.
  4. You will be able to download the original assets for your projects directly from amber, as well as preview any assets for your project prior to final approval.

How can you locate a specific file on amber?

  1. Design will always send you a link to any assets that you have requested from them.
  2. You can add tags that allow you to identify and easily locate specific files.
    1. Design is in the process of creating a wiki page that will more clearly define the different tags and file structure that they use when uploading assets to amber.
    2. You can use the search feature to search by tag, metadata, asset name.

What information is important for you to know now?

  1. Do not change the name of any files or remove any tags.
  2. Do not delete or make any changes to the original format of the asset.
  3. Design will be creating a wiki page with more detailed information on file structure and tagging that they use.

Can you upload files to amber?

  1. Yes! You can utilize this tool as well. When uploading files to amber please keep the following in mind:
    1. Make sure the title is something easy to find, yet specific to the asset being uploaded.
    2. Add tags that pertain to the asset. (LOB, purpose, promotion, etc)
    3. Add metadata if it will be beneficial to have more information about the asset.

Amber is still continuing to be improved upon and changes are continuing to be made, new features are being added, and bugs are being fixed on a weekly basis. Please be patient as this tool continues to be improved upon. You will be receiving a follow up email with more specifics in the upcoming weeks with a link to the wiki page outlining more detailed information to the file structure and tagging that design will be using.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding amber please let me know.



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